What’s So Shocking About Using A Crane For High Construction?


    That’s what Mandy Brach one of the building’s owners of the new project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, wants to know.

    It’s about a giant crane parked on North Seventh Street and Bedford Avenue. The crane is one of the tallest things in the neighborhood, it had lately drawn attention to the building that will rise in its place, a mixed-use structure, 14 stories and about 200 feet tall, which opponents say will stick out drastically and insultingly in a generally low-rise neighborhood.

    “It’s just blowing people away,” a spokesman for a neighborhood advocacy group said, “We had been warning people for quite a while about this building, and it didn’t really sink in until they saw the crane.”

    But Mr. Brach, said that work will continue.
    “This is over,” Mr. Brach said, contending that previous efforts to negotiate with the opponents had gone nowhere. “Everybody reviewed it; everybody went over it,” he added, describing the planned structure as “the nicest building in Brooklyn.”

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