Jewish Student Hospitalized After Being Jabbed in Eye With Flagpole


NEW HAVEN (VINnews) In one of the most recent examples of a violent antisemitic attack on campus, a Jewish Yale University student was jabbed in the eye with a flag pole.

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Sophomore Sahar Tartak reported that she was attacked on Motzei Shabbos during an anti-Israel protest.

Tartak, editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, was covering the protest – with hundreds of students camping at the campus in support of Palestinians – when she was surrounded by protests.

“One of them takes their Palestinian flag and waves it in my face and then jabs it in the face,” said Tartak.

Tartak reported the assault to campus police. She was discharged from the hospital and will not suffer permanent damage. Mentally, however, Tartak said, she was in an “awful” state.

She said she is concerned about returning to school, saying, “All these students know who I am.”

In addition to the jabbing, the protesters had pushed Tartak and her friend repeatedly. Tartak said that she told officers that they should disband the encampment, but they said that they could not do it without authorization.

“These students are violating every policy in the books; they should have been disbanded immediately,” said Tartak. “These students have taken over campus, and it’s an intimidation tactic.”

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Rufus the Roofer
Rufus the Roofer
29 days ago

“it’s an intimidation tactic”
You don’t say!
Time for Jews to leave these so-called Ivy league mental homes and let the patients run their own institution.

29 days ago

Liberal idiots.

Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman
29 days ago

I’m thinking a Jewish war veterans road trip around campuses in the states and a go fund me account for bail when needed. These lil derka derka wannabes will learn the hard way knife hand rules,