Bronx, NY – Fieldston Homeowners Pay To Thwart Landmarking Plan


    Bronx, NY – As the implications of the creation of a “historic district” in the Fieldston area in Riverdale become clearer, a growing number of residents are joining a last-ditch effort to thwart the plan.
    Approval by the City Council is all that stands in the way of 257 properties in the elite private community from being designated as historic landmarks. If this happens, homeowners would have to win approval from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to make any exterior changes to their homes, and the city could move ahead even if all of the residents opposed the plan.

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    In their effort to prevail with the City Council, the Fieldston Homeowners Association has hired a prominent lobbying firm, Davidoff, Malito & Hutcher, and a politically savvy public relations company, George Arzt Communications to fight for them.

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