Lakewood, NJ – Shots Fired, Bullets Lodged Into Bathroom Door of Senior Apartment Building More Than a Block Away


    Lakewood, NJ – Police have investigated a report of several shots fired on Manetta Avenue, said Sgt. Guillermo Clarke. Later more than a block away from Manetta Avenue, a resident in a senior high rise reported a small hole in his apartment window as vandalism.

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    However, after the investigation, police believe that a bullet, possibly related to the
    earlier shooting on Manetta Avenue, entered the man's apartment and lodged itself in the bathroom door, Clarke said.
    The senior complex is in a direct line from where the shooting took place, Clarke said.

    Witnesses described the shooter on Manetta Avenue as a black male wearing a black T-shirt, a red and black baseball cap, with a 6-inch beard and dread-locks, Clarke said. He was with three other black males, who were all wearing white T-shirts. [APP]

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