Staten Island, NY – Councilman Cited For Misusing City Resources.


    Dtaten Island, NY – Staten Island Democrat Michael McMahon was reprimanded today for having one of his staffers take time out from his busy work day to type a poem for his daughter – a violation of city ethics rules.

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    The staff member also made numerous calls for his daughter’s soccer team, which is also a violation.

    The City Conflicts of Interest Board cited McMahon for misusing city resources and personnel for his own private purposes, but said he will not be punished.

    Because McMahon admitted to the violations and the amount of city time was relatively small, the Conflicts of Interest Board has agreed not to issue a fine or recommend a penalty be imposed by the City Council.

    McMahon says it took his staff member about an hour to type up the poem for his daughter. The calls to schedule games and practices for the soccer team lasted from 2004 through last spring. [NY1]

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