Eric Adams Accosted by Deranged Passenger on Flight, Accused of Supporting Genocide


(VINnews) — NYC Mayor Eric Adams was confronted by a deranged passenger on a flight returning home from Miami. The lady accused Adams of supporting genocide and being ‘guilty’ of funding the police.

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In a video posted to X, Adams can seen sitting and looking at his phone, when a lunatic passenger suddenly approaches him. (We are not posting the video due to its foul language.)

“Are you Eric Adams?” the passenger asks.

“Yeah, ——–! You support the genocide in Palestine,” the passenger screams. “There are homeless people all over New York, [but] you’re always partying.”

“You don’t actually care about the citizens of New York,” the harasser says.

Eventually, passengers tell her she’s holding up the line.

“Why are you even in Miami?” the passenger says.

“You know there are people being arrested there, people are homeless in New York, people can not afford food, you keep cutting the education budget so you can fund the police.”

“That’s all you care about — funding the police! Everything is underfunded because of you.”

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Deranged or woke?