New Haven, CT – Shomrim: We Are To Credit For Crime Rate Reduction.


    New Haven, CT – Was it the guns of the shomrim and the Angels?

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    Eli Greer (at left in photo with, at far right, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa) said yes: Citizen patrols, one of them armed, were responsible for a dramatic drop in crime in 2007.

    A top city official begged to differ.

    Greer was reacting to new statistics that show that his part of town — the Whalley, Edgewood, Beaver Hills (WEB) district — had, along with Westvile and Dixwell, the biggest drop in crime in 2007.

    The statistics come from a chart put together by the police department. It compares the numbers for various crimes in 2006 with 2007 in the city’s ten policing districts.

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    16 years ago

    Shomrim of B.p willy and flatbush have had more than 3,000 arrests in 2007 according to a police official.


    Bloomberg should thank these dedicated guys who patrol our streets while we work and while we sleep at night.

    16 years ago

    Oh, pu-leze!

    Statistics are man-made to suit the funding. According to NYPD, crime is down in Crown Heights. NOT TRUE!! It’s that we get such a lousy attitude from lazy cops that most of the time they make it very unpleasant to file a report. Hence, no stats!

    It’s very simple, isn’t it?

    Shomrim, you take the credit. You earned it!