Monticello, NY – Route 17B May be Headed Toward Some Safety Improvements


    Monticello, NY – New York State Route 17B between Monticello and Fosterdale may be headed toward some significant safety improvements.

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    A State Department of Transportation study suggested several traffic abatement changes due to a number of dangerous intersections along the route.

    A DOT representative presented the findings to the Sullivan County Legislature's Planning, Environmental Management and Real Property Committee at a meeting yesterday. [WAMC]

    The Record reports that the study found that the busiest days on Route 17B are Fridays and Saturdays in the summer.

    The two top traffic events: Camp Chipinaw visiting weekend and Jewish holidays.

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    16 years ago

    Camp Agudah is nowhere near that area, it’s up in Ferndale.

    16 years ago

    Camp Chipinaw visiting weekend and Jewish holidays.ALSO CAMP AGUDAH