Jerusalem – Belz and Gerrer Rebbes Featuring VIP Shabbosim to Major Donors


    Belzer Rebi at Kidush HaChamah this yearJerusalem – The chareidi community in Israel, which depends on a lifeline of donations from abroad, has come up with creative ideas during these days of economic distress.

    This coming week, thirty gvirim from Israel and abroad will spent a VIP Shabbos with the Belzer rebbe in his retreat in Telz-Stone. They will eat at the rebbe’s table and daven in his private minyan. For this privilege, they had to separate from at least $200,000. The gvirim’s identities remains a guarded secret, but it is known that most of them are not from Israel.

    This follows a pattern spearheaded by the Gerrer chassidim. Only one and a half months ago, they offered a similar cozy Shabbos with the rebbe, for gvirim who donate upwards of $250,000 for the experience.

    A Belz askan explained, “All the chassidic institutions are suffering economic difficulties because of the drastic drop in donations. We’re doing everything possible to save the situation. Besides planning this unique Shabbos, the rebbe’s son and his gabbai have gone abroad for several weeks to fundraise. This private Shabbos with the rebbe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

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