Deal, NJ – **Correction** Rabbi Dwek: I’m Not Sitting Shiva


    Deal, NJ – Upon further investigation of an earlier report posted by VIN News claiming that Rabbi Issac Dweck has renounced his son Solomon Dweck, VIN has verified that it’s not true.

    This rumor started a few days ago in Israel by a few irresponsible Hebrew-language news sites, and was for the first time reported today in English by a credible New Jersey news site.

    We contacted the New Jersey reporter, who claimed that his story was accurate and came from a reliable source. Based on this claim, VIN posted the story.

    VIN News has now been able to confirm directly from Rabbi Dweck and family what transpired this past Shabbos.

    Rabbi Dweck delivered a very emotional sermon in which he strongly denounced the phenomenon of a Jew informing on other Jews, said that he is also a victim in this saga together with Klal Yisroel, and asked for prayers from the entire Jewish community for his terrible suffering.

    Rabbi Dweck did not renounce his son, nor is he sitting shivah according to halachah.

    VIN regrets the error. We unconditionally apologize for any anguish the erroneous report may have caused to the Dweck family.

    VIN News strives to be the most accurate and reliable news source for the Jewish community, and as such, we always verify information we receive (though the sources feeding our verifiers sometimes turn out to be irresponsible, as occurs in this case.)

    We hope to continue to provide accurate reportage with Hashem’s help.

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