Buenos Aires, Argentina – 58 Graves Vandalized at La Tablada Jewish Cemetery


    Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Jewish cemetery of La Tablada, located on Crovara 2,800, suffered the assault to 58 graves with stolen objects. 8 of them belonging to victims of the AMIA attack, said Julio Schlosser, General secretary of the Israeli Mutual.

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    For its part, the president of Inadi, María José Lubertino, noted that “it is clearly an anti-Semitic aggression” the criminals also stole pictures of victims of the AMIA bombing, “the fact might have some other connotation. Inadi also expressed its “total rejection” over these events.

    “This happens 5 days before the start of Rosh Hashana in a cemetery as sacred as La Tablada is” said Schlosser.

    Do not forget that yesterday was the night that all Jews pray to Slijot (prayers pre-Jewish New Year) and at a time like this we find it incomprehensible that an attack occurred at a place as sacred as the cemetery. Let’s try together to achieve the total clarification of the attack, “he added.

    Lubertino said he would take all “necessary measures”. In this regard, he stressed that “this is a crime” for which “the police must intervene in the province, a judge and a prosecutor” to find those responsible.

    Meanwhile, Aldo Donzis, president of the CS, expressed his “strong condemnation” against the attacks and demanded that the perpetrators be found. “Not only do we demand the clarification of the crime, but also demand that we ensure that these crimes never happen again.”

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    14 years ago

    Just imagine how sick and depressed these low life bums have to be in order to do this