Brooklyn, NY – JRunners Three Mile Run To Raise Funds For ‘Our Place’ Gaining Momentum


    Brooklyn, NY – Hundreds of additional runners have signed up for Sunday’s 5K JRunners race to raise funds for Our Place, the financially troubled facility offering food recreation, counseling and more to over 750 troubled teens.

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    Registration closes tomorrow for the race which will be held in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is expected to draw hundreds of people including runners, their supporters and many politicians and celebrities including Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Congresswoman Carol Maloney, Representative Anthony Weiner and Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs.

    “It seems that this event has turned into a massive rally to save Our Place,” said Yossi Yurowitz, an Our Place board member. With all government funding cut, Our Place has lost 70% of its operating budget and is on the verge of shutting down.

    Students at numerous colleges including Touro College, Yeshiva University, Stern College, Brooklyn College and more have been signing up in droves for this exciting event with each participant committing to raising a minimum of $180 for Our Place, generally by reaching out to friends and family to sponsor their run.

    “So many people in Brooklyn don’t even know what Our Place does,” said JRunners spokesman Steven Friedman in an exclusive interview with VIN News. “We get a lot of requests from organizations looking for our help but we felt that Our Place serves a vital role in our community and we really wanted to go the extra mile for them.”

    JRunners offers free coaching in both running a race and meeting fundraising goals for the event. The race is open to walkers, runners and joggers and there will be separate races for men and women, with the men’s race starting at 9 AM and the women’s race starting one hour later.

    To sponsor a Runner to benefit Our Place click here

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    12 years ago

    Go Sonny and Yaeli!!!

    12 years ago

    Another great job for JRunners!