Jerusalem – Israel Considering Annexing West Bank Settlements


    AP fileJerusalem – An Israeli official says Israel is considering annexing major West Bank settlement blocs if the Palestinians unilaterally seek world recognition of a state.

    The official said Tuesday that Israel can respond to unilateral Palestinian action with one-sided acts of its own.

    Annexation of settlements is one option. He says others could include restricting water supplies beyond agreed-upon amounts and restricting Palestinian use of Israeli ports for business purposes.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity on Tuesday because no final decisions have been made.

    With the peace process going nowhere, Palestinian leaders plan on seeking international recognition of a state, with or without an agreement with Israel, at the United Nations in September.

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    Jordan is Palestine!
    Jordan is Palestine!
    12 years ago

    Israel should immediately annex the west bank and tell the world that Palestine already exists on the other side of the Jordan river. Initially the Jewish people where told they will get the whole territory of Transjordan. Its enough to have 2 nations (Israel and Jordan). There is no need and no place for a third (Palestine).

    12 years ago

    Israel should act like every other country in the world and do what’s best for Israel and stop pandering to the rest of the world.

    12 years ago

    Of course Israel should annex those settlement blocs. It’s a no-brainer !
    Stop pandering to the world.

    12 years ago

    They can annexe whatever land they want but no one will recognize such annexation and this will only further isolate EY among the nations of the world. If you think its bad now it will only get worse. Until they decide which parts of the west bank to return because they are not strategically critical and which specific settlements must be dismantled as part of a settlement, all these land games are a waste of time and diversion of attention from the real issue which is to find some basis for a peace settlement.

    Mark Levin
    Mark Levin(@mark-levin)
    12 years ago

    They are NOT settlements!! They are FULL BLOWN CITIES!!! Baitar, for example, is a massive city!! We need to stop using that “settlement” word once and for all otherwise we just keep playing into their hands!

    12 years ago

    I have always held they should just annex everything – make a one-state constitutional democratic republic like the US and forget all about calling it “Jewish”. Just have a plain normal state with freedom of religion. If they would annex the land they won, it would no longer be occupied

    12 years ago

    All of Yehudah and Shomron should have been annexed a long time ago. There is no demographic problem, that is based on inaccurate Arab estimates of their population. We Jews are the indigenous natives of the land. Jordan, with 90% Palestinian Arab population and a minority ruling class will fall. This is inevitable.
    Historically Jordan is Arab Palestine.

    12 years ago

    Satmar – The state has always been Jewish and G-d willing will always remain The Jewish State of Israel.

    12 years ago

    “Generally speaking, “annexation” is the process used by cities and towns to increase their size through the acquisition of adjacent land. Once a city or town annexes land, the municipality is required to extend their public services to the citizens of the annexed area.
    This can range from police and fire protection to new sewer connections for the annexed area. “.

    12 years ago

    Just do it!

    Don’t talk about it.

    Israel hasn’t done a blimey thing in years except talk and get shot down in planning anything. Palin’s right. Stop apologizing, stop talking, just do things.

    12 years ago

    Both Israelis and Palestinians look like children fighting for a candy…(I’m not, Chas v’Sholom, assimilating EY to a candy. I’m talking about their childish attitude)