New York, NY – NY Post Calls On NYC Comptroller John Liu To Resign


    New York, NY – John Liu was never suited for public office. But last week, his continued service as city comptroller became wholly untenable.

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    He needs to resign. Immediately.

    That sad fact became indisputable following the arrest of a top Liu fund-raiser on conspiracy and wire-fraud charges.

    Truth is, Liu’s unfitness for high office was obvious from early on.

    His first two years as comptroller revealed Liu to be an unhinged egoist — and an unambiguous puppet of labor, serving his union benefactors at taxpayers’ expense and subverting his role as chief financial officer in the process.

    The feds have now deepened their 2-year-old investigation of his crooked campaign books. But whatever they find, Liu would do the city — and himself — a great favor in stepping down.

    Full editorial in NY Post

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    12 years ago

    the post wants one party ( the republican party ) to havev every single elected job everywhere

    12 years ago

    “His first two years as comptroller revealed Liu to be an unhinged egoist.”
    You could see he is an egoist from day one.
    He is still running for Mayor. lol

    12 years ago

    who from the NY post demanded that he resign? and who cares…..