Jerusalem – With New Political Party, Anti Zionist Rabbi Looks to Join Knesset


    File photo- Rabbi Amnon YitzchakJerusalem – Long known for his involvement in the Kiruv movement as well as his divisive anti-zionist views, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak is setting his sights on yet another arena, with the announcement of the creation of a new political party.

    Rabbi Yitzchak’s declaration came amid cheers and applause during a shiur Tuesday night in Bat Yam and marks the first time that the oftentimes controversial figure has suggested a foray into the world of politics. In the videotaped shiur, which appears on Rabbi Yitzchak’s website, Rabbi Yitzchak explains that he has been asked numerous times to take on a government position and has opted to create the new party, titled Koach L’Hashpia, the power to influence.

    According to Rabbi Yitzchak, who says that polls already predict his winning a minimum of five or six seats in the upcoming Knesset election, the new party’s platform will be the return of the government to the hands of the people, and he promised to represent the average Israeli citizen and fight for their rights.

    “We want people to represent us and deliver on their promises,” said Rabbi Yitzchak. “There should be bread for one shekel. There should be no more hungry people digging through garbages, pulling out rotten tomatoes and discarded cucumbers. Kibbutzim should be returned to the people so that young families will have appropriate places to live until they get established.”

    Rabbi Yitzchak criticized elected officials for caring more about world opinion than the welfare of Israeli citizens.

    “Stop letting Obama run our country,” declared Rabbi Yitzchak. “Nothing has changed in the past sixty four years. Now is the time and the opportunity to bring about change.”

    Watch below the full speech of Rabbi Yitzchak where he announced today his political party.

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