Rome, Italy – Popular Italian Pop Singer Will Not Appear On Shabbat


    Rome, Italy – Ending days of controversy, the lead singer of one of Italy’s most popular singing groups has announced he will decline to appear Friday in observance of Shabbat.

    Italian newspaper DiariodelWeb ( is reporting that Raiz (Gennaro Della Volpe), lead singer of the highly popular Neapolitan reggae-dub group Almamegretta, will not perform live with the group during their appearance at the San Remo song festival this Friday.

    Raiz, who converted to Judaism many years ago, has remained observant ever since.

    Representatives for Almamegretta say no decision has been made yet as to whether the group will use a pre-recorded video of the group performing, or perform without their lead singer.

    The five-day San Remo festival, which dates back to 1951, is one of Italy’s most celebrated events.

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    10 years ago

    I am proud of you !!! what a kiddush hashem.

    10 years ago

    wow that is a kiddush Hashem,

    ,Italy has got a tiny jewish population of 35 000 souls in a country of 55 million , and they have tolerance and respect for such a small minority, Kol Hakavod

    Active Member
    10 years ago

    Matthew Paul take note.

    10 years ago

    Matisyahu II episode in the making?

    10 years ago

    Here we go again with “kidush hashem”
    Why do people get so excited when someone does merely what he’s supposed to? Especially when we’re talking about a Ger Tzedek who had a choice and chose to become observent?
    Being that Raiz is a popular singer, I believe that he doesn’t need this extra money to feed himself. Isn’t it a greater kidush hashem when a person with a family of many children, strugling to make ends meet and closes his shop for shabbos?

    10 years ago

    העמדת החמה ליהושע היה משום חילול שבת שעל ידי שלא תשקע החמה לא יחללו את השבת זה נכון לך! משמיעות קול זילותא דשבתא הוא, כל היכא דאוושא מילתא דשבת ואיכא זילותא אסור דומיא דריחיים

    10 years ago

    Give credit where it is due. If you wish to criticize, first tuck your own head under the microscope.