Jerusalem – Rabbi Says Seculars Are To Blame For Wars


    The Admor of Premishlan. photo by Yuval Nadel/Courtesy to VINNews.comJerusalem – – A well respected rabbi has told secular authorities that it is those who do not study the Torah who are responsible for Israel’s security issues, and that it is they who must serve in the army.

    Ynetnews ( is reporting that in an effort to clarify his ongoing resistance to a haredi draft, Rabbi Meir Rosenboim of Peremyshlyany said hasidics are actually defending Israel by studying the Torah.

    “It’s clear to us that the fact we live in fear of enemies in all our years here in the land of Israel—that’s because of the simple people, those who don’t study the Torah, this country is filled with,” said Rosenboim. “Those who ask why they must enlist and fight must be told this calamity, these secular dangers, is because of them, because of their helplessness and their abstaining from studying Torah.”

    As Rabbi of Peremyshlyany, Rosenboim is head of a relatively small community, but he is highly respected in the hasidic world due to the blessings and advice he bestows on his visitors.

    High ranking seculars, including former Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, have visited the rabbi in the past.

    Continuing to defend hared exemption from the draft, the rabbi said, “Our right to be quiet and serene is only because of studying the Torah, without which a calamity will befall the world.”

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