Moore, OK – IN PHOTOS: 51 killed In Oklahoma Tornado; Death Toll To Rise


    A girl tries to keep warm near the Moore Hospital after being hit tornado that destroyed buildings and overturned cars in Moore, Oklahoma, May 20, 2013.  A huge tornado with winds of up to 200 miles per hour (320 kph) devastated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore on Monday, ripping up at least two elementary schools and a hospital and leaving a wake of tangled wreckage. REUTERS/Gene Blevins  Moore, OK – The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office says 51 people among them kids have been killed by a tornado that hit suburban Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon. Spokeswoman Amy Elliott says the death toll is expected to rise.

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    Elliott didn’t know how many of those killed were children.

    The powerful tornado, rated the second highest strength level of EF4 and packing winds of up to 200 miles per hour, touched down at midafternoon and devastated a wide area of the town.

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