Blooming Grove, NY – 566-Unit Plans Submitted By Hasidic Investment Group In South Blooming Grove


    Blooming Grove, NY – After an 8 year wait, a Hasidic investment group has finally submitted development plans to build a 566 home subdivision on an over 750-acre site near Lake Anne in South Blooming Grove. ( reports that the investment group, Keen Equities LLC, purchased the land—formerly the Lake Anne Country Club—in 2006 for $15M with the intentions of building a subdivision aimed at helping to accommodate the fast-growing needs of Kiryas Joel’s Satmar community, but efforts to build have been repeatedly stymied due to what the investors say were “disputes with the village over scope and density of the development.”

    According to an application submitted to the village’s Planning Board earlier this month, the project calls for 521 single family homes, 54 duplex units, and 20 acres on non-residential land which the group plans to use for 100,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and infrastructure.

    In confirming Keen Equities’ application, Village Attorney Dennis Lynch said, “The village is looking at the matter and will certainly apply the law.”

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    9 years ago

    Bad news for the poor people here.

    9 years ago

    Now let the haters come out.

    9 years ago

    You’re talking about over 5000 people to start with.

    7 years ago

    As a proud American who is also a proud Jew, I will tell you something that no-one seems to say. The Lake Anne property has a 40 acre toxic waste dump that is not being cleaned up. There is not enough water nor sewer capability to support over 560 homes and again no resolution from anyone. Then the other important aspect is traffic. I have lived here for over 30 years and remember many accidents at Clove Rd and Rt 208. Is the builder prepared to address any and all of these issues? or will Hashem fix it all? By the way, Hashem in this case are all the other tax payers rather than the builder nor the projected residents of this new development. Make a propsal that solves the above issues and I will help you move in.