Tallahassee, FL – Police Exploring Murdered Florida Law Professor’s Possible Ties To New Jersey “Get” Ring Rabbis


    Dan MarkelTallahassee, FL – Police in Tallahassee are remaining tight-lipped as they continue to investigate possible ties between a Florida State University law professor who was gunned down on July 18 and a group of New Jersey rabbis arrested last October in a “get for hire” extortion ring.

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    41 year-old Dan Markel was shot point blank in the side of the head at his Tallahassee home on three weeks ago, and while no arrests in the case have been made, investigators say they following every lead.

    FORWARD.com (http://bit.ly/1uzfGIx) reports that while sifting through Markel’s email for clues, investigators came across an email correspondence between Markel and Attorney Ben Brafman, who is representing Rabbi Martin Wolmark in the “get ring” extortion case in New Jersey.

    Brafman has acknowledged emailing Markel about possibly joining Wolmark’s defense team, but called any link between Rabbi Wolmark and Markel’s murder “sheer craziness” since Markel’s participation was only in the talking stages.

    “Wolmark had absolutely nothing to with this,” Brafman said.

    Wolmark, who remains under house arrest in New Jersey, has yet ot be questioned by police, but Officer Scott Beck said investigators are looking into all Markel’s “associations.”

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    yaakov doe
    yaakov doe
    9 years ago

    Quite a specutalive stretch. Using this logic, the shooting could be related to anyone mentioned in any of his Emails. Who from the get case would benefit from the shooting other than the FBI or the US Attorney?