New York, NY – International Business Times (IBtimes) Apologizes For Article Linking Paris Shootings To Mossad


    New York, NY – The International Business Times has apologized and removed a story published on its site linking the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris and the Israeli Intelligence.

    The article, titled “Charlie Hebdo Attack and Mossad Link: Is Israel Venting Its Fury For France’s Recognition of Palestine State” by Gopi Chandra Kharel was published early Thursday morning.

    “There is no clarity on which organisation is behind the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday and therefore, conspiracy theories are gaining traction in internet forums,” the article stated. “Fingers are being pointed toward intelligence agencies and Mossad of Israel is a prime contender.”

    In an editor’s note ( posted regarding the article, the publication states, “A story reporting on conspiracy theorists who allege a link between Israeli intelligence and the Paris shootings should never have been published and we have therefore removed it from our site. The story was beneath our standards and we apologize for this basic lapse in judgement.”

    On its web site (IBTimes) says that its network of digital publishing platform delivers international business news to an audience of over 21 million in the U.S. and 30 million people worldwide every month.

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    8 years ago

    Just unbelievable. This will be reposted forever and taken as an article of faith not only by the entire Muslim world but by anti-semites of all persuasions. This will live on like the myths of the Israelis cheering on the Brooklyn Bridge during 9/11 or that no Jews died in the Twin Towers because we all had advance knowledge of the attacks.

    8 years ago

    Of course it is easier to ask forgiveness than permisson. Meanwhile the damage is done

    8 years ago

    Once again so what they apologized they got what they wanted the story is already in peoples minds

    8 years ago

    911 is still being blamed on Israel and so is ISIS—- if the Arabs kill each other like in Lebanon the Jews are always at fault.Remember, the Jews had to pay for the kristalnacht damage!

    8 years ago

    The same racist morons that have accussed them of being behind 9’11 will be on WBAI talking about this.

    8 years ago

    Really? Don’t tell me you’re surprised!

    8 years ago

    Instead of saying it’s not true, they say it’s “below our standard” which could mean it’s true but not well written.

    8 years ago

    Nothing’s unbelievable. The masses believe, believe me.

    8 years ago

    it’s the same Media that blames Israel for everything

    8 years ago

    dangerous morons

    8 years ago

    My jaw is on the ground. I have to talk my neighbor into cxling his subscription. He gets it and it is usually pretty on. But man, this is the worst. every Arab and Nazi forum will talk about the article and how the Jews killed the story. So sad.