Jerusalem – Israeli Rabbinate Grants Rare Permission For Divorced Woman To Marry Cohen


    FILE - A man sits outside the Rabbinical Court in Tel Aviv on November 27, 2013. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90Jerusalem – In an unusual ruling, the Tel Aviv rabbinical court allowed a divorced woman to remarry to a man who is a Cohen.

    The special permission granted earlier this year by Rabbi Zvadya Cohen, the head of the Rabbinical Court of Tel Aviv, which is run by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, is rare because in Orthodox Jewish law, Cohens – descendants of Judaism’s priestly sect – are forbidden to marry divorced woman.

    But research conducted by the B’Noam Danielle organization, which aims to make religious services more accessible to the Israeli public, revealed that during that two of the witnesses during the woman’s first wedding were related, rendering it void for the purposes of her marriage with the Cohen.

    “Her status as a divorced woman has no halachic validity,” Rabbi Yisroel Meir Riani, the founder of B’Noam Danielle, wrote in a statement Thursday about the case.

    B’Noam Danielle’s statement did not divulge the names of the bride and groom, citing privacy issues.

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    4 years ago

    this feels wrong, and not so much the part allowing for a cohen to marry a div woman. (if a gay ‘rabbi’ can be ordained, this is bubkes in the frumeh world)

    questions arise as to the stability of the female.

    first off, at the time of her wedding, no one was aware that the aidim were related? and, even if she (kallah) was not aware of the halacha, the mesader kiddushin wasn’t??

    the assumption is that the individuals involved are frum, as they seek daas torah. who set this shidduch up? the suggestion is a doa at the onset. no one sets cohanim up with div women. no one.

    and, assuming they met on their own (ie work, singles event, etc.) would it not have been more appropriate to seek a heter to date as opposed to just date and then find that they’re compatible? sheesh, lady!

    4 years ago

    Bad bad bad ,

    If they consummated the marriage under עדי יחוד wouldn’t that constitute קידושי ביאה and under that dictum אין אדם עושה בעילתו בעילת זנות .


    Another point. Why consider the woman a divorce if her marriage was void to begin with- did she require a writ of divorce (a גט ) .

    4 years ago

    B”H, VosizNeias has massive Torah scholars and mentschim like Secular and annonymous commenting on ths site!

    I’m sure that when not secondguessing dayanim like Rav Zvadya Cohen, some of whose piskei din may be found by Googling him in Hebrew (זבדיה כהן) , they are themselves publishing detailed rulings in Jewish Law!

    And Annonymous is even a Navi!
    He is able to pasken and secondguess, without regard to the facts of the case or the relevant sources, but based on what “feels” right to him!

    Personally, before secondguessing, I would have done a 2 second Google in Hebrew, which would have told me that the couple had a Reform ceremony and wanted to be registered with the Rabbanut, which normally would not have registered them.
    Investigation revealed, however, that the woman’s first marriage was also through Reform and that the witnesses were invalid.

    As to the other questions raised by Secular, I would suggest he review the relevant piskei din and teshuvos by, among others, Rav Moshe.

    4 years ago

    #1 and #2
    Stupid armchair quarterbacking like yours is the reason a real Bais Din cannot pasken without having the parties in front of them, and knowing all the facts.
    Learning the first 7 blatt in Kedushin and Gittin and a few more blatt in Nezikin does not make you an expert in Geirushin and Nissuin. It only shows that a litlle knoweledge is a dangerous thing. As we say in Yiddish, A Naar veist min nisht kein halb arbet.
    have a good shaboss and enjoy the kugel

    4 years ago

    Why assume the original wedding was kdas, ukdin? Why look to fault and negate everything read online? Perhaps the beis din is aware of things you are not and only released this limited info contained in the article.

    4 years ago

    It is an outdated regulation, which should be changed, and it is also sexist. If a Kohen is divorced, why is he allowed to remarry, and take for a bride a woman who has not yet been married? Yet, the reverse is prohibited; It doesn’t make sense. Is a divorced Jewish woman, considered trefe, to a Kohen, or “damaged goods”? I’m sure that I will receive the typical hate e-mails from the frum, holier than thou crowd. However, as Clark Gable stated at the end of “Gone With the Wind”, “Frankly, I don’t give a d–n”.
    Incidentally, we don’t always agree with PaulinSaudi’s opinions, but at least he is civil on this so-called frum site, and doesn’t resort to name calling, or other despicable postings.

    4 years ago

    btw, a lot of single, never married girls DO NOT want to marry a divorced kohen. He is the “damaged goods”. just saying

    4 years ago

    To nu 8 Yes many dinim looks like we should change, but thst is because we feel we know better,
    We will never understsnd the logic in the holy Torah because how can we with our finite limited understanding, understand snd grasp a Torah given by something infinite? The Torah is unchangeable and is to be kept for all generations, and thus is what kept the Jewish nation alive throughout all persecutions.

    4 years ago

    Wow. How the world has fallen! People actually giving this Rabbi “gerecht”. He’s a lowlife and probably an apikoros too. Even the lowest of the low know that a Kohen is PROHIBITED in all ways to marry a divorcee. What filth Zionism can spew. Woe to the world if these are the Rabbis of today.