Austria To Ease Restrictions After Growth Rate Of Infections Slows To 2.8%


VIENNA (VINnews) — Austria is set to be the first country in Europe to start easing the quarantine measures adopted to contain the coronavirus, after the country reported that the growth rate of new infections was now 2.8%, after it had reached 40% in mid-March. 12,162 Austrians have contracted the virus, 220 died and 3,463 have recovered so far.

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On Monday morning, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz outlined a timetable to restart the Austrian economy, with a series of phased steps designed to normalize life in Austria while at the same time minimizing the risk of a surge in new infections. Kurz said that the public must prepare for long-term restrictions even as it returns to some semblance of normalcy. He added that the restrictions can only be eased if rules will be maintained by the entire population.

The government will allow small shops to open again from April 14 as well as large DIY stores and garden centers. As of May 1, other businesses deemed slightly higher risk, including hair salons, will be allowed to open.

The government said that there is a possibility restaurants and cafes will be permitted to start operating again in mid-May, but declined to give an exact date. Public events will not be allowed to take place until July and no date has been set for schools to reopen.


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