United Hatzalah President Eli Beer Released From Hospital


MIAMI, Fa. (VINnews) — The president of the United Hatzalah organization, Eli Beer, has recovered from coronavirus and was released from the hospital where he had been intubated in serious condition for three weeks during the past month. Beer will fly back to Israel on a special flight organized by Mrs. Miriam Adelson (The wife of billionaire Sheldon Adelson) and is expected to land in Israel Tuesday afternoon.

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United Hatzalah chairman Eli Pollack termed Beer’s recovery a “medical miracle in merit of the prayers and wishes as well as his saving lives and doing good deeds.,” adding that “we will continue to pray for Eliezer Yehuda ben Chaya for a full recovery and that he should lead the organization to continued activity in saving lives and helping others.”

Beer’s daughter Avigail told Kikar Shabbat that “the family is very excited! Our feeling is indescribable. Just a week ago doctors said he is in very serious condition and now they are releasing him. We don’t stop seeing miracles in the merit of the prayers of this wonderful nation

“He is also excited to come home, as its been four and a half months since he was here. However he can’t come to our apartment unfortunately as we live on the fourth floor without an elevator and he is still very weak.”

Avigail Beer added that her father is “in good condition, Thank G-d. His body developed antibodies and he already wants to go to hospital and donate blood to help others…even though he is still walking with an “oxygen tank” to get more oxygen.

Beer’s wife Gitty and their children thanked all those who had prayed for his welfare and showed their concern for him.

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4 years ago

I am always glad to hear when someone is out of the hospital.

4 years ago

B”H! Some more good news lately. Kain yirbu!