Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital Reports 85% Recovery Rate For Respiratory-Assisted COVID-19 Patients


BNEI BRAK (VINnews) —Following the winding-down of the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit of the Coronavirus Department, and the last patients returning home, the hospital’s senior management is now able to evaluate the fight for life during the pandemic. Most significantly, Mayanei Hayeshua recorded an astonishing 85% complete recovery rate among patients who received respiratory assistance due to their critical condition.

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Most of the patients hospitalized were residents of Bnei Berak, which was subjected to a community lockdown order because of the disproportionate high rate of infection.

Professor Eliyahu Patrick Sorkine, who led Mayanei Hayeshua’s emergency response team, proudly announced: “We can report that zero patients inside the Medical Center and zero members of the medical staff became infected. This zero cross-contamination means that right now, Mayanei Hayeshua is Israel’s safest hospital.“

From the outset, Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center was quick to understand that Bnei Berak, as a densely populated city with a community character, would be likely to suffer disproportionately from a pandemic outbreak. Regardless of cost, the hospital sprang into action to ensure the safety of all patients, the maternity wards and all medical staff.

Chaim Fachler, Director of Resource Development: “It is truly gratifying to see how all Mayanei Hateshua’s staff rallied to the cause of saving lives. Everyone performed way beyond the call of duty as we fought the battle against the pandemic. The high rate of recovery, unrivaled anywhere in Israel or worldwide, reflects our relentless devotion to the sanctity of life.”

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