Snubbing Palestinians, Saudi Citizens Declare Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel, Call For Third Temple


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Despite the fact that as yet there are no formal relations between Israel and Saudia Arabia, the strategic cooperation and joint interests of the two nations have led to a warming of relations between the political leadership but also to a strong pro-Israel trend within Saudia Arabia. This has led to intense criticism from Palestinians towards the Saudis, who are viewed as betraying the Palestinian cause. In turn, the Saudis are taking every opportunity to snub the Palestinians who they say offend them by first asking for economic support and then criticizing their own country.

A Palestinian girl from Gaza mocked the Saudis after they were targeted by the Yemenite Houthi terrorists who bombed Riyadh, Jhedda and other Saudi locations, which only served to agitate the Saudis more against the Palestinian cause.

One of the ways the Saudis are using which infuriates Palestinians the most is to claim that the El- Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount has no particular religious significance and is just like any other mosque. The only places of religious significance according to the Saudis are Mecca and Medina situated in their own country. A Saudi hashtag even called for the establishment of the Jewish Third Temple on the site since “there is no importance of Temple Mount to Muslims.”

   Saudi Hashtag calls for establishment of Third Temple

The Saudis on the hashtag have placed pictures of the Temple and written things like “soon…” as well as expressing their love of Israel. It is unclear how widespread this phenomenon is in Saudia Arabia or whether it stems from their animosity towards the Palestinians, but there are many individual Saudis who eagerly await a peace agreement with Israel. One of them, Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, recently visited Israel, which he said changed his perception of Israel totally as he realized that Israel is a country of real coexistence and not what it is portrayed in the media. Saud met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom he admires and reveres, but he also had a message for the chareidi voters in this clip  (written in Hebrew, which he speaks fluently) : Go out and vote!


The chareidi parties were quick to use the clip to try and rouse voters, angry at the chareidi representatives for the damage to the community’s image during the pandemic, to go out and vote for them.







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