Mass Gathering of Toldos Aharon Chassidim in Meah She’arim


    Following the tragedy in Meron, a large general gathering for all followers of Toldos Aharon throughout the country was held this past Tuesday night. The conference was held at the Great Beit Midrash in Mea Shearim.

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    Thousands of Chasidim from across the country attended.

    The rally was opened by Rabbi Yaakov Mendel Yorovitz, a member of the Eida Chareidis, who mourned the great loss of the late Rabbi David Kreuss.  Rabbi Kreuss was killed in the Meron disaster. In addition, Rabbi Birach Yehuda Heimlich praised the Haredi community and the rabbis of the Toldot Aharon community.

    The Rebbe of Toldot Aharon, who usually stays in Tzfas after Lag BaOmer  came especially to attend the conference. He explained that we certainly do not know the ways of heaven, but these were taken and called up to make amends for the whole, and to atone for the whole house of Israel.

    “Obviously we need to wake ourselves up and get stronger, and called for the correction of actions in general, and in particular.” The Rebbe continued, “I do not know what really needs to be awakened but every heart knows the stress of his soul, and I want to categorize Klal Yisrael only in general. In some things that always need strengthening. ”

    After the rally, the Rebbe came to the Mea Shearim market to comfort mourners at the Kreuss family home where he sat for a long time. He told the orphans, “From now on, I would like to see where you are holding in learning – come to me regularly.”

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