18 Chareidi Girls Detained In Schiphol Airport Will Spend Shabbos in Antwerp


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — 18 chareidi girls returning to the US from the Ukraine were detained at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and claimed to have suffered antisemitic mistreatment for no reason. The girls were told to pay a huge fine of $3000 after it was claimed that they had brought food onto their plane in violation of COVID-19 guidelines.

After a concerted effort by senators and Jewish activists in the US including Rabbi Yisrael Kahane of Monsey and Heidi Moses, daughter of former MK Menachem Moses, the girls will fly to Antwerp in time for Shabbos. Senators Chuck Schumer and Gregory Meeks were also involved in the negotiations which enabled the girls to leave.

The Chabad local emissary in Amsterdam brought kosher food to the girls during their long sojourn at the airport.

The girls claimed that during the flight the attendants singled them out for not wearing their masks even though other passengers who weren’t wearing masks were not similarly criticized. They were also punished for eating and for every other infringement. They were not allowed to order a new flight and were essentially held hostage because they did not have the requisite $3000 to pay the fine until the intervention of activists enabled them to leave.

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