How to Get Torah in Your Blood, Veins, and Kishkes


by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

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Yom Kippur is fast approaching.  The messages of this past year have hit home, as we see a number of people attempting genuine Teshuvah. But how do we ensure that the gains of Elul, Rosh haShana, Shabbos Shuvah and Yom Kippur do not dissipate?


There is a remarkable and fascinating method to do so that is revealed in this week’s Parsha, Parshas HaAzinu.

It is a message found in Unkelus and the Ramban and revealed fully by Rav Henoch Leibowitz zt”l within Moshe Rabbeinu’s words of, “Am naval velo chacham..” (Dvarim 32:6).

In this section, Moshe Rabbeinu is telling Klal Yisroel of the very serious violations of complete corruption and deviation from Hashem’s path that will ensue shortly after Moshe passes away.


And yet, the Ramban notes that Unkelus translates the word “naval”  disgraceful as coming from the term tired, that they were worn out or tired from learning Torah, as in, “navol tibol” (Shmos 18:18) where Yisro informs Moshe that he will soon get tired if he does not delegate his judging obligations.  It is strange that the underlying issue that Moshe is pointing out here that they will lose their desire for learning Torah.

It must be that Moshe Rabbeinu is identifying for them the root reason for their corruption and deviation – that they do not fully appreciate and understand the primacy of Torah – and that they do not have a profound enthusiasm and delight in it. Without enthusiasm for Torah study – we enter in dangerous waters.


The author of the Iglei Tal, Rav Avrohom Bornsztain zt”l (1838-1910), who was also the Sogotchover Rebbe father of the Shaim MiShmuel, writes in his introduction that the essence of the Mitzvah of learning Torah is to take delight and be enthusiastic in its study – only in this manner will it penetrate into one’s very blood.

In order to ensure that one stays upon the straight path, it is crucial that one studies Torah with great enthusiasm and interest.  One should also do so with gusto and delight.


In this manner, one will receive numerous benefits and gifts:

  • The person will stay on the path of Torah.
  • The person will have Torah in his very blood, veins, and kishkes.
  • His children will see it and emulate it themselves.


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