Yair Lapid’s Sister-In-Law Was Messianic Jew, Is This Why He Proudly Claims Descent From Jesus?

(Oren Ben Hakoun/Flash 90)

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Does Israel’s foreign minister and alternative prime minister Yair Lapid have missionary connections? Is this why he proudly stated recently that he is descended from Jesus, and even prevented the legislation of an anti-missionary law in Israel?

These intriguing questions became even more pointed after it was reported by The Jewish Voice that Lapid’s sister-in-law, who was recently appointed as a director of the JNF, was once a member together with her husband of a Messianic Jewish community. After a public outcry arose over the nepotist appointment, Lapid’s sister-in-law withdrew from the position but the lingering question of Lapid’s missionary ties remains unsolved.

Journalist Elhanan Groner requested a response from Lapid’s Yesh Atid party regarding an investigation which revealed that Ilail Keren, Lapid’s sister-in-law and her husband, a Christian from Canada, were in the past members of a Messianic Jewish congregation. The messianics are a group of Jews and Christians which believe in Jesus but maintain some Jewish customs. Lapid’s Christian brother-in-law was even a “leader of prayer” in the group. Groner said that he received the information from Ohr L’Achim, a group combatting missionaries in Israel.

The party refused to comment on the matter and said that this was a personal affair of Lapid. Groner claims that this is no personal matter, since Lapid’s connection to what former Supreme Court Justice Menahem Elon termed a “cult” should be of public interest. This is especially true after a recent video showed Lapid bragging that he is descended from Jesus and comparing him to other great Jewish personalities.

Moreover Lapid fought in the past against a law which would restrict missionary activity in Israel, despite the fact that his father, Tommy Lapid, supported such a law. Yair Lapid claimed in 2015 that Moshe Gafni, who proposed the law, was “trying to fulfill my father’s last testament” but claimed that his father “had changed his mind” on the matter. The law would have closed the Messianic community in which Lapid’s brother-in law and sister-in-law were members and it appears that this may have been the source of Lapid’s opposition to the law.


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