Lev Tahor Leaders Released By Mexican Court: ‘They Are Wrongly Pursued- No Human Trafficking’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In a new development in the Lev Tahor saga, the two cult leaders who were still in custody were reportedly released Thursday by a Mexican court, signifying that the court had not verified the suspicions of human trafficking and other crimes assigned to them. The crimes carry sentences of up to 20 years in prison.

Menahem Mendel Alter and Moshe Yosef Rosner were the only two members of the cult left in custody, after the others had succeeded in escaping from custody on Wednesday night.

Lev Tahor sources confirmed that the two had been released and stressed that this proved that the entire arrest operation was a false arrest as they had not been involved in human trafficking or any other offenses. However Mexican enforcement officials told local news outlets that they had gathered evidence of such crimes and that the two would have to stand trial for them.

A Mexican official involved in the arrest said that the escape was planned meticulously. “People waited for them with cars and they fled within minutes. The official said that “we are trying to locate them and return them to custody.”

The official said that the members of the cult had caused extensive damage to the detention facility. One of the guards was injured during the escape.

A Lev Tahor source told Kikar Hashabat that “they can continue searching. We have left the country already, we planned this operation well. Regarding the damage they caused, the source said that “they can’t keep us in subhuman conditions, this was our response to the conditions of custody.”

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