Gas Canister Placed On Ramot Junction Bomb Miraculously Failed To Explode


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A gag order was placed on the investigation of the double terror explosion which occurred in Jerusalem Wednesday morning. However a few details which were revealed demonstrate a worrying new phenomenon of a highly professional terror cell able to manufacture explosives and place them unnoticed in crowded civilian commuter centers.

Recognizing the place and time to remotely detonate these explosives required both advanced technology and sharp reconnaissance. This would imply that East Jerusalem Arabs were involved, as they can travel freely on the west side of the city using Israeli numberplates and ID cards and may have chosen the sites of the bombings or even performed the detonation. Most of the 350,000 East Jerusalem Arabs work on the western side of the city and in other places in Israel.

The dimensions of the miracle at the Ramot junction became more apparent after it was revealed that a gas canister had been placed adjacent to the bomb to maximize its effect but miraculously did not explode. Moreover the fact that the bombs were placed behind stone walls (to prevent them being discovered) also lessened their effect.

Defense Minister Gantz said during a meeting with senior IDF officers that “The days of those who perform, prepare and finance terror attacks are numbered. We have an army, police and Shin Bet who will place their hands on them, wherever they are.”

On Thursday morning it was revealed that Shin Bet operatives had arrested three weeks ago an Arab from Rafiah, Gaza with a work permit in Israel, who had allegedly been conscripted by Islamic Jihad to prepare an explosive device and place it on a bus in Israel.



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6 months ago

Lo Yanum v’Lo Yishan Shomer Yisroel!
Am Yisroel Chai!

Educated Archy
Educated Archy
6 months ago

The fact that it’s Israeli Arabs further solidifies the idea that we should never sit in the govt with Arab mks. Even if the mks aren’t terrorists they live and represent a community that is. So many of you are horrified bec MTG in congress loosely attended a Neo Nazis event. Yet Israel has a whole group of mks who represent terrorists. How can we sit with them? (They shouldn’t be allowed to be mks either unless they openly denounce them)

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