Putting Hawara Riots In Context: On 6 Recent Occasions Terrorists Attempted To Murder Jews There


JERUSALEM (VINnews)— Israel’s Channel 14, the only television channel which supports the government’s judicial reforms and right-wing policies, published a new perspective on the riots taking place in Hawara.

The report demonstrated that the carnage being perpetrated there is not just due to the brutal murder which took place there Sunday but rather harks back to six previous terrorist attacks in the same village this year, attacks which miraculously ended with no casualties but which convinced settlers that the IDF does not care about their security. The furious settlers, who have to daily traverse the dangerous and hostile village and have repeatedly warned the IDF to take a tougher stance with local residents , decided to take the law into their own hands.

On September 9, 2022, a family was travelling near Huwara when terrorists shot 9 bullets at their car, which miraculously did not injure the occupants. On another recent occasion (see below), a terrorist tried to shoot at an Israeli car travelling through the village but his gun jammed and he fled. In a third incident Arabs threw stones at a passing car, injuring two people,including an infant.



On another occasion a family was stoned as they travelled through the village, and in yet another terrorist incident an IDF soldier was stabbed and the terrorist attempted to steal his gun but was shot dead by another soldier.


In a sixth incident, a  group of terrorists stoned and attacked passing cars, causing significant damage.



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7 months ago

Jews have been attacked repeatedly in Brooklyn. Does Channel 14 advocate for burning Brooklyn down?

7 months ago

Seems like the right time for these settlers to move away from there. One may not endanger their life for any mitzvah other than the 3 chamuros.