PROFESSOR JEFF LAX: CUNY’s systemic anti-Jewish agenda is ‘surreal’


NEW YORK (VIN Podcast) — Jeff Lax, an accomplished law professor and the founder of SAFE CUNY, appeared on the VIN Podcast in an exclusive interview.

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Mr. Lax was passionate, informative, and did not ‘pull punches’ as he described the systemic antisemitism which has become rampant at CUNY, as well as the way he and other Jewish professors are being targeted, for the “crime” of trying to expose the university’s bias and hate.

In this powerful episode, Jeff discusses:

  • The hiring of antisemite Marc Lamont Hill – who is so anti-Israel, he was fired by CNN! Hill has demanded a free Palestine “from the river to the sea”, which is a direct quote from the terrorist Hamas charter.
  • How four Zionist professors are being investigated for the sole reason, that they filed antisemitism complains with the schools
  • The expungement of Jewish senior administrators throughout the entire CUNY, despite a large number of Jewish students and faculty.
  • The work of his own amazing organization, SAFE CUNY, without which there would perhaps not be any other group exposing the endless hate and antisemitism that occurs on a daily basis at CUNY.
  • The senior administration’s culpability and antisemitic agenda.
  • The head of the “discrimination department” at the university, who is supposed to weed out antisemitism, being the former CAIR Director in Minnesota, who led the BDS movement there.
  • His own concerns about losing his position at CUNY, because he has filed complaints and refuses to ignore the behavior he witnesses

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Charlie Hall
Charlie Hall
10 months ago

” Of the Board of Trustees’ seventeen members, 10, including the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson, are appointed by the Governor of New York, and five are appointed by the Mayor of New York City. The remaining two, the chair of the University Student Senate and the chair of the University Faculty Senate, serve as student and faculty representatives”

Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams need to make a thorough housecleaning. Board Members serve terms of four to six years. I suggest Prof. Lax for the next vacancy.

A concerned yid
A concerned yid
10 months ago

It’s not surreal. It is scary!

A humble yid
A humble yid
10 months ago

This isn’t new it’s been going on for decades. Jewish students at Brooklyn,queens and other locations have been complaining about this
Several years ago an accounting teacher complained about abuse and anti semantic remarks So why are you surprised. Stop voting democrat