Victim Of Ramming Attack Identified As IDF Soldier, Immigrant From Ukraine


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — BDE: The victim of Thursday’s ramming attack at the Maccabim junction has been identified as IDF soldier Maksym Mulachnov HYD, a 20-year-old lone soldier who immigrated to Israel six years ago from Kharkiv and enlisted in the IDF.

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His parents, who are both Jewish but did not immigrate with their son, were notified of the incident.

Three other soldiers were wounded as a truck ran them over and fled the scene. According to the IDF, one suffered “severe injuries” while the other two were lightly wounded.

The terrorist was “neutralized,” the IDF confirmed. He was identified as a 41-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank with a work permit for Israel, Avi Biton, head of police central command, told reporters at the scene of the attack.

Yevgeny Molchanov, Maksym’s father, was quoted by Ynet as saying that his son was proud of his service in the IDF.

“My son was always about truth. He was always the first to help others. A year ago, he donated bone marrow to a child in Germany. He was very proud that he wasn’t just in the army but in a combat unit. He was very special, a gentle soul, always open to everyone.”

The task of informing the parents fell on the local Chabad emissaries, Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Moskowitz. Rebbetzin Moskowitz related that her husband was deeply involved in arranging a funeral for a local Jewish person who had passed away and therefore she was appointed to go and inform the Molchanov family.

“I took another couple from the shul as well as medicines and we travelled to the destination.

“It wasn’t easy to find the house. After we located the address, we knocked on the door. It’s hard to imagine what happened after they heard about the ramming attack. There were difficult moments of shock and crying. The father came immediately as well as other family members. It was very hard. We cried with them over the great loss.”

The family is due to decide in coordination with the IDF whether to bury their son in Israel or in Ukraine.

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9 months ago

Kharkiv is in Ukraine. Did any official from Ukraine condemn this act of murder?

9 months ago

why would any Jews want to bury their son in Ukraine?

Mr. Cohen
Mr. Cohen
9 months ago

No matter how many security precautions Israel makes, those security precautions will NEVER be enough to guarantee safety from terrorist attacks, until 100% of Arabs and Muslims who live in Israel are permanently expelled.

In the 1980s, an Orthodox Rabbi from Brooklyn repeatedly gave the Jewish People valuable advice about Arabs and Muslims who live in Israel: “THEY MUST GO!!!”

If that advice had been taken seriously in the 1980s,
then Arab terror attacks would have ended decades ago,
and only Jews above age 50 would be old enough to remember them.

Send all the so-called “Palestinians” to China with a one-way-ticket.

Then the so-called “Palestinians” will vanish forever, because China knows how to handle Muslim terrorists, and nobody criticizes them for it, not even Muslims!


The so-called “Palestinians” all have a חזקה גדולה of being רוצחים and אויבי ישראל.

Thus, removing their ability to hurt Jews is an obligation of פיקוח נפש and must be done, if we are to live & learn Torah in peace, without the constant threat of being brutally murdered by these bloodthirsty predatory animals.

Send all the so-called “Palestinians” to China, with a one-way-ticket.

China is expert in handling Muslim terrorists;
the so-called “Palestinians” will vanish forever 🙂