Veteran Hasidic Singer Dedi Passes Away at 62

    Last Updated: 3:45pm

    JERUSALEM – Dedi Graucher, a well known Hasidic superstar whose songs topped Jewish music charts in the 90s passed away today at the age of 62 after battling a serious illness.

    Oded David Graucher’s star began rising astronomically after the release of his album Ratza in collaboration with Yossi Green, with the album’s nearly nine minute long title track making the Israeli born Graucher a household name.

    He headlined multiple concerts over the course of his career, and his albums, which included Bitchu Bashem, Hakol Letova, Dedi and Yonatan, and Miami & Dedi, sold tens of thousands of copies. Graucher performed alongside Mordechai Ben David and Avraham Fried at what is considered to be the greatest concert in the history of Chasidic music at Yarkon Park in 1996, with over 100,000 people in attendance.

    Graucher’s popularity spanned the Atlantic, delighting music lovers in both the United States and his native Israel. Calls for prayers on his behalf rang out approximately five years ago when he became seriously ill, and ramped up once again approximately three months ago when he was hospitalized at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

    News of the singer turned businessman’s passing made waves on social media. Former Israeli ambassador David Friedman, a cousin of Graucher’s, described him on Twitter as “one of Israel’s most talented and successful singers” and “a “Baal Chesed of enormous magnitude.”

    “Most will never know of all his acts of kindness,” tweeted Friedman.

    A statement released by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu described Graucher as the epitome of one who loves their fellow Jew, using his talents to light up hearts and to spread joy.

    “Dedi accompanied my children through their journey to adulthood and was with us in both moments of joy and sadness,” wrote Netanyahu. “All he had to do was walk into the room and we all broke out in tremendous smiles.

    “Who didn’t love Dedi, his amazing soul and the light that shone from him? We cry tonight with Malka and the children – Tzipora Miriam, Michal Chana, Shira, Shani Yaffa, Shai Meir, Avraham Elimelech, Natan Yair, Renana Zahava, Yaakov Dov and Aviel – and the many people who knew this wonderful, good man. Our family has lost a dear friend that we will never forget. May his memory be a blessing.”

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    hard at work yeshiva grad
    hard at work yeshiva grad
    15 days ago

    i know of some of his private chasadim, always betzinah. a true mentsch and baal midos. his son Reb Shai, a ben bayis by Rav Chaim put out many great Sefarim that i love

    15 days ago

    A favorite singer of mine with such power and energy.
    I met him with my kids 8 years ago in the Mamila Mall and can truly say he was a real mentsch and I saw that he truly was only interested in making people happy.
    May HaMakom comfort his family!

    15 days ago
    15 days ago