El-Al Enlists Renowned Michelin-Starred Chef Who May Revolutionize Airline Food

Israeli chef Assaf Granit speaks during a conference with science ministers from around the world in Jerusalem on May 2, 2018. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** çâéâåú îãò ùøéí àñó âøðéú ùó

(VINnews) — Airline food is generally not known for its exquisite cuisine. But that may be about to change. When you fly El Al, there’s an opportunity to sample a menu from a top Israeli chef, Michelin star-winner Assaf Granit — whom the airline has brought in to “spice up” its menu.

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The menu offers a range of dishes including ‘textured mushrooms’, a kale salad, Musakhan roasted chicken with fried onion and sumac served in laffa, Kohresh-e Ghormeh Sabzi — a Persian beef and vegetable stew, and Chraime made with mullet and served with couscous.

Desserts include basboussa with jam or a chocolate mousse with za’atar crumble.

Granit said about his El Al menu: “Growing up in the Ein Karem neighborhood of Jerusalem, I felt this uniquely Israeli tribute to our different cultures, in the connection between my grandma Leah’s Eastern European horseradish and my Moroccan neighbor Jacqueline’s perfect couscous. Israeli cuisine is all about connecting these different cultures and has long been my culinary inspiration.”

“The food I bring you today is the product of our shared journey, whether it’s Persian Kohresh-e Ghormeh Sabzi stew, Moroccan Chraime fish, or a touch of za’atar in the chocolate mousse in your dessert.”

Granit, a partner in Machneyuda restaurant, who also operates multiple establishments in different countries, launched his special menus on European flights a few months ago, and will now roll out to flights involving the US, South Africa, and the Far East.

Meat is replaced by milk for late-night and morning departures, with dairy rolls filled with either Gouda and sweet potatoes, garlic aioli and mayo; or labneh, beetroot and ultra-spicy schug — which has reportedly been toned down for midair consumption.

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Educated Archy
Educated Archy
9 months ago

BH giving a hew a paransa is beautiful. But why do we need “good” airline food or nay airline food? Save the expense and cut airfare prices. Ill bring my own food