Hatch to Give All Jewish Day Schools Free Access to Their Newest Solution “OpenGiving”: an AI-Powered Search Engine Connecting Nonprofits with New Donors


[New York, August 15th ] – Hatch.ai, a trailblazing platform leveraging data for nonprofits, proudly announces the launch of “OpenGiving,” an innovative AI-powered search engine that revolutionizes donor discovery for nonprofits. OpenGiving (an add-on service to Hatch’s donor enrichment product) empowers organizations to find new donors outside their existing database, leveraging the comprehensive IRS filings of nonprofits, grant-giving foundations, and the individuals associated with them.

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In honor of the High-holidays, and the beginning of the new school year, Hatch will be granting all Jewish Day Schools 1 year complimentary access to OpenGiving. When a School signs up, they will be given immediate free access to OpenGiving. This offer will be available until Thursday the 28th of September. To register visit  https://dashboard.hatch.ai/registration – to learn more visit hatch.ai/opengiving.

OpenGiving introduces a groundbreaking solution for nonprofits to expand their donor network. With its advanced search capabilities driven by artificial intelligence, organizations can effortlessly pinpoint potential supporters based on specific criteria. For example, Schools  can simply ask, “Find me a donor in LA who is passionate about children’s education,” and OpenGiving will present relevant results. This transformative feature enables nonprofits to connect with individuals who share their causes and values, opening doors to valuable partnerships.

OpenGiving’s AI-powered search engine grants nonprofits access to the complete IRS filings, ensuring a wealth of reliable and accurate data. This extensive dataset allows organizations to make informed decisions, identify potential partners, and strategically tailor their grant seeking outreach efforts for maximum impact.

With OpenGiving you will not only be able to swiftly identify new funding sources, but with Hatch’s AI powered assistant “Sir Hatch”, users can draft grant proposals directly on the platform. That means users can efficiently locate the most suitable foundation for their organization, compose draft grant proposals, and conveniently save and edit their drafts, within minutes, all within the Hatch platform.

“At Hatch, we firmly believe in democratizing access to the vast wealth of information within the nonprofit sector,” emphasized Moshe Hecht, the founder and visionary behind the platform. “OpenGiving stands out from other existing public search tools in three key ways. Firstly, OpenGiving’s user experience is driven by an advanced AI search engine, making the research process ‘conversational’ and easily usable to anyone within the organization. Secondly, the proposal and grant writing efforts are integrated directly on the platform with our AI writing assistant. And finally, OpenGiving offers an unparalleled cost advantage. As a testament to our commitment to the Jewish Day School community, OpenGiving will be available free of charge to all Schools for one year.

To learn more about OpenGiving and how your organization can utilize this AI-powered search engine free for one year please register today at https://dashboard.hatch.ai/registration or to learn more visit https://hatch.ai/opengiving

About Hatch

Hatch is a trailblazer in nonprofit data science, dedicated to empowering organizations with innovative tools to enhance their fundraising and donor engagement efforts. By harnessing the power of AI and data, Hatch enables nonprofits to achieve their mission-driven goals and create lasting impact.

“What used to take 100’s of hours of research is now organized for us in a few seconds. With Hatch, we quickly filter a list of prospects, scan their enriched info, and categorize the level of these individuals based on the new information provided by Hatch. They even confirm the number and email for me! We are running our current capital campaign with Hatch with incredible results! Thank you for raising the bar so nonprofits can keep doing more good for the world!” Quote by Rabbi Dovid Mandel of Yeshiva Day School Las Vegas | Hatch Premium Subscriber

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