Terrorist Neutralized After Attempted Stabbing Attack At Checkpoint South Of Jerusalem


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A 47-year-old Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife arrived at the Mazmoria checkpoint south of Har Homa in Jerusalem and attempted to stab guards at the checkpoint. The terrorist was neutralized before he succeeded in harming the Border Police deployed at the scene.

The guards saw the man walking in a suspicious manner with his hands behind his back and came to check him. At one point the man drew the knife and attempted to run towards the Border Police, who then shot and neutralized him.

The terrorist, who was not eliminated in the shooting, received medical treatment at the scene and was transferred to hospital. Police published a picture of the knife the terrorist was wielding when he was neutralized.

Police forces, including Jerusalem Deputy Superintendent Amir Arzani, arrived at the scene and reviewed the incident. Ater assessment, the officers ordered that police forces continue to increase awareness levels during the current holiday period in Jerusalem.



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