FAIL: Lego Aborts Bricks Made of Recycled Plastic, Says Did Not Help Climate


(VINnews) — Iconic toymaker Lego has abandoned a climate-friendly initiative to manufacture its bricks from recycled plastic bottles, saying the prototype FAILED to reduce carbon emissions.

According to CBS News, Lego admitted that its “ambitious” project to make universally-loved bricks out of recycled plastic, will be discontinued.

This decision came after more than two years of meticulous testing, which concluded that the material “didn’t reduce carbon emissions.” Ouch.

Lego is currently exploring a range of alternative sustainable materials. The company believes that its long-term efforts in sustainability will encourage the production of more sustainable raw materials, such as recycled oils, and will support the global transition to sustainable materials.

Lego enthusiastically announced in 2021 that the PET blocks had become the first recycled alternative to pass its “strict” quality, safety and play requirements, following experimentation with several other iterations that were not durable enough.

The company said engineers tested more than 250 variations of PET materials, as well as hundreds of other plastic, before choosing the prototype.

Despite the conclusion that the prototype failed to save on carbon emissions, Lego said it is “fully committed to making Lego bricks from sustainable materials.”

Lego, which is generally made of oil-based plastic, said it invested “more than $1.2 billion in sustainability initiatives” to transition to more sustainable materials and reduce its carbon emissions by 37% by 2032.

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2 months ago

At least they’re honest about it
Much of the green initiatives are just for show
Money spent and nothing gained
Just bragging material

2 months ago

Lego bricks will last for thousands of years. All that’s needed is a re-use exchange.

2 months ago

climate control is mostly made up, global warming seems to disappear in the winter. and recycling plastic is an idea to save money, but I also saw a pair of pants made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Wanna wear them?

2 months ago

Lego is probably the most climate friendly already – no one I know every throws away Lego, and they never degrade. So just keep on using them!
Now you want to use up the other plastic being thrown away – thats a separate topic, and probably has other uses that doesnt involve melting it down.