Family from New York Holds out Hope for Son Being held Hostage in Gaza


    There are families from the New York area that are holding out hope and praying for their family members who are believed to be being held hostage by Hamas.

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    Itay Chen, 19, an American-Israeli dual citizen is believed to be among them.

    He is a soldier with the Israel Defense Forces and was believed to have been taken hostage right when the attack by Hamas began, as he was guarding a post.

    Itay’s father Ruby is from Flatbush, Brooklyn. He says he is holding out hope for his son and hoping their happy memories will get him through this tough time.

    “He hopefully, having New York DNA in him, and knowing and being in the United States many, many times. You know, we got to go to Fenway and saw Big Papi hit a home run, that’s the memories that he remembers as well. Going to Boston Garden or to Madison Square Garden and seeing the Knicks, so those are the things that we kind of hold onto and say in that moment, in that second, that he needed to take care of himself that, that DNA that he was brought up on, that at least brought him to the situation, good situation, okay. He’s being held hostage by the Hamas,” Ruby said.



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