Senator Elizabeth Warren Slammed for Tweet About ‘Surge of hate & violence against Muslims’

FILE - Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing on oversight of the credit reporting agencies at Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, April 27, 2023. A group of Democratic senators is asking the nation's consumer finance watchdog to take action against medical credit cards such as CareCredit, saying use of these cards can result in patients paying much more for their medical care than they should. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

(VINnews) — Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a self-proclaimed socialist, is being accused of antisemitism, after she tweeted about a surge in hate crimes against Muslims, without providing a shred of evidence.

On Tuesday, the radical leftist tweeted: “The surge of hate & violence against Muslims, Arabs & Palestinian Americans is alarming. It’s powerfully important that the Biden-Harris administration is developing a national strategy to counter Islamophobia. It’s up to all of us to ensure there’s no space for hate in America,” Warren insisted.

Multiple Twitter users slammed Warren in response. Below are some of those posts:

“A jewish man was just murdered in LA yesterday and this is your statement?” — (@HarrisonKrank)

“Elizabeth Warren will NEVER be a Cherokee, but she is undeniably an anti-Semite.” – @GretchenInOK

“Did you lose your wifi connection for a month? Islamophobia? Seriously? Stop pretending and just admit that you are an antisemitic.” –@DanaKdS

“lol, from a fake Indian” – @_BruceBane

“Excuse me again for interrupting your blatant antisemitism by trying to be clever and play exclusion” – @AndreaG92476234

On October 21 Warren tweeted: “The United States Constitution is clear: Muslim civil rights are American civil rights. There is no exception. Hate has no place in America. Islamophobia has no place in America. We will not be silent.”

As a piece in the Western Journal astutely said: “Warren made a desperate attempt to appeal to Muslims whose support for Warren’s party is flagging with an X post claiming that there is a “surge” in hate for Muslims in the U.S.A. today…

“Firstly, Warren’s proclamation of rising “hate” against Muslims is not really borne out much by the reported crime rates. As corrupt as the FBI is, even the bureau says that hate crimes against Muslims are tiny in number compared to the attacks on Jews in America.

According to the FBI’s hate crimes database, anti-Muslim hate crimes totaled 158 last year. Meanwhile, there were 1,124 reported hate crimes against Jews.”

Warren is not the only Democrat who is focusing on Islamophobia. President Biden has been losing the support of the Muslim community, a demographic that he badly needs in swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, due to his support of Israel’s offensive against Hamas.

In response the White House is launching a new strategy to combat Islamophobia.

The Democrat party is growing increasingly divided over Hamas, and it appears that many Democrats are going to be forced to choose sides. This should expose which politicians adhere to their principles at the expense of politics, and which choose to cave into the pressure to condone the atrocities of Hamas and other terror groups.

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Indians are coming
Indians are coming
19 days ago

Pocahontas Warren is a typical democrat, painting a false narrative that suits their corrupt agenda. Brech.

18 days ago

‘Pocahontas’ shows her total lack of knowledge again!

Bob A Kama
Bob A Kama
18 days ago

I keep hearing about Islamophobia, but no citation of any specific examples. Moslems should blame themselves for all the “chillul” Islam that is going on all over the world. How could anyone not be “Islamophobic”?