Hamas Tunnel System Exposed – 1300 Tunnels | Spanning 500km | 80 Meters Underground


ISRAEL (VINnews) –  In a significant breakthrough, the IDF has revealed extensive tunnel systems concealed beneath the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) estimate that an astounding 1,300 tunnels crisscross a distance of 500 kilometers beneath Gaza, revealing a complex network with multiple levels.

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### Levels of the Tunnel System:

**Level One:** Entry and launch locations exist within buildings, serving as strategic points for personnel and rocket launches.

**Level Two:** Reinforced passageways facilitate the transport and maneuvering of rockets, enhancing the operational capacity of the system.

**Level Three:** This level houses the Oxygen Generation and Air Movement system generator, indicating a sophisticated infrastructure.

**Level Four:** Meeting and sleeping rooms designed for Hamas fighters, highlighting the strategic planning and utilization of the tunnels.

**Level Five:** A main Gaza Metro connects city blocks and sections, providing a hidden means of movement across the region.

**Level Six:** Storage compartments for weapons, ammunition, and fuel, with safety measures such as always-closed doors.

**Level Seven:** Additional storage and sleeping rooms contribute to the self-sustainability of the tunnel system.

**Level Eight:** The Command and Control Center for Hamas operates here, connected by a hard landline and featuring a quick escape tunnel to the Gaza Metro for the evacuation of senior leaders.


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8 months ago

Lots of money donated from Arab countries & evil Iran spent on tunnels instead of aid to their forsaken people… all now wasted.

Not Surprised
Not Surprised
7 months ago

Paid for by Obama’s cash delivery on behalf of us American people.

7 months ago

Totally destroy all tunnels and all bunkers. If not Hamas will come out again and shot missiiles at us.