Hamas Delays 2nd Release For 7 Hours, 13 People From Kibbutz Beeri Released


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Hamas intentionally delayed the release of the 13 Israelis due to be transferred in the second stage of the prisoner exchange. The terrorist organization claimed that Israel had violated its side of the agreement by preventing people from returning to northern Gaza and preventing aid from reaching the northern region.

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After Qatar and US president Biden intervened as well as Egyptian officials (Qatar even sent a private jet to Israel during Shabbat to conduct the mediations), Hamas finally relented after seven hours, after receiving promises of further humanitarian aid, and released the captives to the Red Cross. The captives have now arrived in Egypt and are being transferred to Israel via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

All of those released in the second stage are related to Kibbutz Beeri, the kibbutz which was hardest hit by the Hamas terrorist attacks. Nearly 100 members of the kibbutz were murdered and 26 more were taken into captivity. Some are relatives from outside the kibbutz.

The members of the kibbutz identified their friends and relatives as they were on the Red Cross vehicles, and noted that Hamas had violated its promise to return all the mothers with their children, as one of the children- Hilah Rotem-Shoshani- returned without her mother.

The 13 hostages released were identified as Hilah Rotem-Shoshani (Beeri), Emily Hand (Beeri) Maya Regev (Herzliya) Noam Or (Beeri) Alma Or (Beeri) Noga Weiss (Beeri) Shiri Weiss (Beeri) Sharon Avigdori (Kfar Saba) Noam Avigdori (Kfar Saba) Shoshana Haran (Beeri) Adi Shoham (Maale Tzviya) Yahel Shoham (Maale Tzviya) Nave Shoham (Maale Tzviya).

Emily Hand was initially described as a casualty of the Oct. 7th massacre and her father had even said that he was relieved she was not in captivity. However she was later found to be in Gaza and has been released from captivity to a very difficult family situation, since her biological mother Liora died of breast cancer when she was not yet 3 years old and since then she was brought up by her father’s first wife Narkis, who was murdered in the massacre.

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2 months ago


Jj friedman
Jj friedman
2 months ago

When the idea of a ceasefire started and a 4 day ceasefire started to take shape, I lamented, I was afraid this deal might be stretched for a month or so. That would give Hamas time to reconstitute. Now as the second group of 13 Israeli’s. (Not including Foreign Workers’. Now we have senators, that want that this ceasefire should be a permanent ceasefire. This is contrary to what Benjamin N promised us, to uproot Hamas. We cannot leave not even one Hamas terrorist in Gaza.

Jj friedman
Jj friedman
2 months ago

Most of VIN News regular’s got all worked up, abut this so called Hamas attack without any evidence. Go eat you stupid comments.
“……The detail surfaced as officials identified the Rainbow Bridge crash victims as Kurt P Villani and Monica Villani, both 53. The Villani family owns several hardware stores as well as a lumber business around the Buffalo, New York, region.
Robert Restaino, the Niagara Falls mayor, said the Villanis might have originally been heading to a Kiss concert in Canada which had been canceled hours before, Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, which is about one mile from the bridge, confirmed that the Villanis had been at the gambling facility for a few moments before their deadly crash, the newspaper said.
The wreck unfolded when the Villanis’ 2022 Bentley Flying Spur sped through an intersection at Rainbow Bridge, struck a low median and flew through the air. The luxury car careened into a line of security booths and burst into flames.
“They’re sifting through all the data right now and basically, the investigation has just started and it isn’t going to be concluded any time soon,” Niagara Falls police superintendent John Faso said”
So all of you who betrayed me, how does it feel to be an idiot, and a purveyor of lies. I am willing to bet dollar to donut, there still lots of ViN readers who don’t believe the facts as told by the FBI. The same people who believe the Covid shot has a microchip in it.