WHERE’S THE RED CROSS? Netanyahu asks Putin to pressure organization to demand access

international Federation of Red Cross President Francesco Rocca spekas to media the Kastanies border checkpoint on the Greek-Turkish border, Thursday, March 5, 2020. (AP)

(VINnews) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Vladimir Putin for nearly an hour Sunday. Netanyahu spent much of the call criticizing Russia’s alliance with Iran and expressing displeasure over its support of Hamas and criticism of Israel.

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However, Netanyahu also told Putin that he appreciated the Russian effort to free an Israeli citizen who also holds Russian citizenship and asked for assistance in pressuring the Red Cross to visit the hostages held captive by Hamas and ensure they receive life-saving medical treatment.

The Red Cross, which claims to be a humanitarian organization, has made no effort to help Israelis being held captive by Hamas. Some Israelis say they’ve been “nothing more than a taxi service for when the hostages were released”.

As reported in the Jerusalem Post:

The Red Cross has sparked outrage in Israel with how it has handled the mass kidnapping and massacre conducted by Hamas on October 7, with some Israelis saying that the international organization operated as nothing more than a taxi service for when the hostages were released.

The family of Elma Avraham, an 84-year-old woman who was released during the ceasefire, told Israeli media that the Red Cross had refused to bring Avraham the medicine she needed. Immediately after Avraham was released, she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Since then, her condition has improved.

Dr. Nadav Davidovitz – who treated Elma after her release – said “We were in meetings with the Red Cross and asked them to make every effort to bring the medications to her, because some hostages are just dying. From a medical and nursing standpoint, what we witnessed is unlawful neglect.”

Since October 7, Russia has regularly criticized Israel, including at the UN Security Council, while hosting leaders of the Hamas terror group, in addition to being close friends with Iran.

“The prime minister expressed his annoyance over anti-Israel stances by Russian representatives at the United Nations and other fora,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

It added that Netanyahu “expressed sharp criticism over the dangerous cooperation between Russia and Iran.”

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Axis of evil
Axis of evil
2 months ago

The Red Cross is an arm of the terrorist organization called Hamas. They cover for them and give them crucial information about where the IDF is hiding out. The Red Cross must be destroyed.