Who is the brilliant 13 year old interviewer humiliating anti-Israel protesters?


(VINnews) — On Sunday, a video clip of an interview spread with blazing speed across social media. No, it was not Piers Morgan or Jake Tapper.

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The video was taken at a protest in Manchester, in solidarity with Gaza, and a sharp, adorable 13-year-old named Josh, armed with a microphone, worked the crowd like a veteran journalist, while his father, Nick, filmed the exchanges on his phone.

The UK’s “Telegraph” wrote an article about Josh, the young yet masterful journalist who feels the BBC’s reporting is flawed and who is looking to conduct honest, fact-based, unbiased reporting.

At the protest, Josh, who is reportedly Jewish, approached a woman holding a sign with the words: “End the power of the Zionist lobby.” He simply forced the woman to admit the facts, and in doing so, deflated and crushed her false anti-Zionist claims.

The video shows Josh asking the woman why she is opposed to Zionism, and explaining that Zionism is defined as “the belief that Jews should have a homeland”. She tells him Israel is “trying to create a state where there are only Jewish people”.

He debunks that and points out “there are two million Israeli Arabs that have the same rights as Israeli Jews living in Israel”. She is stunned and speechless and merely repeats the point that Arabs have equal rights, completely refuting her lies.

She tells him Hamas was set up by Netanyahu; he says the Iranians financed Hamas.

“No,” she says. “That’s propaganda. Are you Jewish?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Josh replies.

“It does matter. Are you a Zionist?”

“Why does it matter?” he asks her politely and unwaveringly.

“Because I want to know what your agenda is.”

The video has gone viral, earning Josh praise from celebrities. “Brilliant interview by this young man,” wrote Andrew Neil on X. “Brilliant. Confident. Clear. Informed. Polite (note how he just walks away at the end). And he’s done his homework, which is increasingly rare these days.”

According to the Telegraph:

He doesn’t think much of the BBC’s efforts. “I felt like they were being too neutral. For example, they were comparing Israel and Hamas […] and saying ‘this one is making these allegations, this one is making these allegations, which one is true?’ and trying to portray them as equal sides when they weren’t. I felt that was a bit of a problem.”

He was also frustrated with his secular school in Manchester, where talk of what has unfolded in the weeks since the October 7 attacks hasn’t been encouraged. “I felt a little bit confined because we weren’t really allowed to talk about it in school.”

Josh, meanwhile, was learning as much as he could about the conflict in his spare time. “I felt like I had gained a lot of knowledge and I wanted to have a debate with someone.”

The article added that Josh and his family have been jolted by the fact that while they were always integrated with their neighbors in Britain, they have felt alienated since the Hamas attack.

“Since October 7 there’s just been this huge wave from most of the people that you thought were your allies,” says Josh. “I haven’t felt anything like that before.” It’s an articulate way of describing what so many British Jews have experienced since October.

[Josh’s father] Nick recalls the day Josh came home from school having seen a line of Palestinian flags hung up on his school bus route. “He said it made him sad to see all these Palestinian flags and he wanted to put a flag up, not that he did. You wouldn’t feel able to put up an Israeli flag because it would be a lightning rod for hate.”

Still, he was shocked by what he found at the march. “I think one of the chants was ‘Joe Biden you can’t hide, how many babies have you killed tonight?’” says Josh. “And they were also expressing support for Houthis. I just found it crazy in a Western democracy that has given most of them their lives and their livelihoods that they’re just expressing this anti-Western rhetoric.”


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Anti-Semitism not anti-israel
Anti-Semitism not anti-israel
4 months ago

You mean you hating anti-semitic protester.. say it how it is , he proved that she’s a Jew hater.. don’t fall into trappings of saying it’s anti-israel demonstration when it’s clearly been proven that it’s anti-Semitism and Jewish hatred that’s on full displayed worldwide

4 months ago

What a blessing to have such charisma channeled in the right direction. May he have a lot of success in life.

4 months ago

The story shows 8 comments. Not counting this one, only two appear. What happened to the other six comments?