IDF Spokesman Reveals Rescue Operation Details: ‘Soldiers Embraced Hostages And Began Gunfight’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari released a statement Monday morning with further details of the heroic Sunday night rescue of two hostages, Fernando Simon Marman (60) and Luis Har (70) from captivity.

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In his statement, Hagari said that “This was a complex rescue operation carried out under fire in the heart of Rafah, and based on quality intelligence. The Shin Bet’s operational unit, the police, Southern Command, Shayetet 13, and Brigade 7 of the Armored Corps carried out this professional and precise action. This is an operation which we prepared for over the course of some time – the necessary preparations were made and we waited for conditions which would allow it to be carried out.

“At 1:49a.m., the special forces broke into the building in Rafah. The hostages were on the second floor. From the moment we began the operation, the soldiers embraced Luis and Fernando and began a difficult gunfight. Aerial support allowed the force to cut contact and hit the Hamas terrorists. The soldiers pulled the hostages out of the apartment, and they were rescued under fire until they reached the safe area. It was a very stressful and very moving night.

“Even after the successful rescue operation, we do not forget that 134 hostages are being held in Gaza. I turn to them with a message: If you hear me, know that we are very determined to bring you home, and we will not miss any opportunity for that. We will continue to make every effort to bring all of the hostages home.”

The operation’s success hinged on a synchronized assault, including targeted airstrikes at 1:50 am against Hamas positions to distract Hamas and neutralize threats, facilitating the safe extraction of Luis and Fernando.

Arab media report that dozens of terrorists were killed and over a hundred were injured during extensive air attacks conducted while evacuating the Israeli citizens. The terrorists attempted to attack Israeli forces, but precision air strikes disrupted their plans. As a result of the operation, one Israeli soldier was lightly wounded.

Fernando Simon Marman and Louis Har, the two hostages rescued overnight in the heroic operation in Rafah, were abducted on the morning of October 7 from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak along with three other family members who have already returned to Israel as part of the hostage deal at the end of last November: Louis’ partner and the sister of Fernando, Clara Marman, 63; her sister, Gabriela Leimberg, 59;) and Gabriela’s daughter Mia, 17, whose photo as she returned to Israel with her dog Bella that was kidnapped together with her became identified with that hostage deal. With their rescue, the entire family has now returned to Israel.


The reunited family

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3 months ago

Excellent news! A brave rescue in the heart of enemy territory by our muscular Jewish Armed Forces.

Moshe U
Moshe U
3 months ago

Terrible photo. One hostahe is holding his hand around a woman who isnot his wife. No matter the issue – Halacha dos ot allow to embrace a strange woman. You would never see this in Mea Sharim.