3 Injured, 1 Seriously, In Jordan Valley Terrorist Shooting


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A terrorist opened fire at cars and at a schoolbus travelling on the main road traversing the Jordan Valley. Two people were lightly injured and one other was moderately to seriously injured.

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The attack occurred at 7 AM in the village of Ouja, a small village north of Jericho which the main road through the region passes through. Surveillance cameras show the terrorist standing on the road and opening fire at passing cars.

הפיגוע הקשה הבוקר בבקעת הירדן הוא קריאת השכמה כואבת לכולנו, ובמיוחד לקבינט ולמערכת הביטחון שנדמה שחזרו לשאננות של לפני טבח השביעי לאוקטובר בכל הנוגע לערביי יו״ש.

Terrorist opens fire at cars in Jordan Valley.

The bus was hit by several bullets but there were no injuries reported among the schoolchildren.

The injured people, who were members of a left-wing group who had come to assist Arab shepherds in the region, have been transferred to hospital. Security forces have initiated a manhunt for the terrorist.

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