New NY Bill Proposes Exemption For Matzah Bakeries From Emission Regulations

    FILE - (Uriel Heilman)

    NEW YORK – NY Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo (R-Staten Island) is proposing a bill to exempt certain ethnic restaurants, such as pizzerias and matzah-makers, from strict emissions regulations targeting wood- and coal-fired ovens. Pirozzolo argues that these regulations unfairly target businesses that cook ethnic cuisine and suggests that the government should focus on more pressing issues like crime and public safety.

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    On the other hand, the Department of Environmental Protection defends the regulations as necessary to reduce harmful emissions and protect public health. The regulations, backed by Mayor Eric Adams, require affected businesses to install costly air filtration systems to reduce emissions from their traditional ovens.

    Pirozzolo’s proposed bill, titled the “Preserving Our Culinary Traditions Act,” aims to waive pollution restrictions on the burning of wood, coal, and other fuels for cooking purposes. He argues that such exemptions are necessary to preserve the rich culinary traditions of New York City and relieve businesses from financial burdens imposed by compliance costs.

    The article also mentions efforts by other lawmakers, such as Brooklyn City Councilman Justin Brannan, who are considering alternative solutions such as tax breaks to help businesses afford the necessary filtration equipment.

    Overall, the debate revolves around balancing environmental concerns with the preservation of cultural and culinary traditions, as well as the economic viability of affected businesses.

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    Charles Hall
    Charles Hall
    23 days ago

    Wood stoves produce huge amounts of toxic smoke. They present a big danger to the workers if they aren’t properly ventilated.

    Unlike the efforts to force buildings to convert from gas to electricity, the regulations on wood stoves address a real problem.