Rabbi Moshe Hillel Hirsch: No Trips, No Interaction With Secularists During Bein Hazmanim


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Rabbi Moshe Hillel Hirsch, Rosh Yeshiva of Slabodka and a leader of the Lithuanian community in Israel, made a historic request of yeshiva students during the current Bein Hazmanim period, both due to the security situation and due to the continuing attacks on those studying Torah in yeshivas.

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Rabbi Hirsch requested that yeshiva students not go on any trips and not make any plans to go to places where they will meet with secular elements. In recent days, Rabbi Hirsch met with many Rosh Yeshivas who wished to know his opinion on the matter of how to conduct Bein Hazmanim.

Hevron Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi David Cohen said that initially Rabbi Hirsch had thought to cancel entirely the Bein Hazmanim period and continue the studies in yeshivas until the eve of Pesach. However after discussions with the Rosh Yeshivas, it was decided that the vacation would take a different shape, with more study, less trips and excursions to recreation sites and less interaction with secular society.

During a meeting of the Vaad Hayeshivao, Rabbi Hirsch said that “More toil in Torah will bring more faith to the world and maybe they [anti-charedi elements] will backtrack.

“Chazal says that Amalek came due to weakening in Torah study, Amalek was the only one who didn’t believe the miracles which came from Hashem in Egypt and wanted to wage war with Israel and win, thus proving that there are no miracles. As long as there was strong faith in Israel and among the gentiles, he realized he wouldn’t succeed but when they weakened their toil in Torah, this was the time to wage war and proved that their faith was not true.”

Rabbi Hirsch suggested that the Yeshivos Bein Hazmanim should be active in the afternoon and evenings and this will strengthen other people’s faith and may lead them to cancel the new laws and allow yeshiva students to continue their studies as before.


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Real Mashiach Now
Real Mashiach Now
1 month ago


amil zola
amil zola
1 month ago

I’m gobsmacked. Talk about control issues.